The Coral Pyramid is a real estate development conveniently located at the outskirts of Oranjestad facing the majestic Caribbean Sea. This luxury apartment complex has the shape of inverted pyramid, which adds to its magnificent location (amidst the most idyllic Caribbean spot) an eclectic touch that distinguishes its owners and amazes the visitors.

One of the most exclusive characteristics of this luxurious apartment complex is that there is only one apartment per floor (5 apartments in total), all of them with private elevator which is something unique in this Caribbean island.

The amenities available for the few lucky residents of this residential estate include a swimming pool, private Gym and common garden perfect to chill after a day in the beach, which by the way is reachable on foot just walking across the road.

In an island where the buildings are scares, a beachfront apartment is more than luxury, a privilege just a handful of lucky owners can have.

Source: Top Luxury Blog.